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2016-07-21 08.02.53

2016-07-21 08.02.53

We all know how important your tribe is. And we talk a lot about self care. But what about self support?

Care is explained as follows:

to be concerned or solicitous; have thought or regard.

And support is defined as:

to bear or hold up (a load, mass, structure, part, etc.); serve as a foundation for.

And frankly, those are two different things. Care is thoughtful yet passive. But support is more purpose driven, deliberate, and action oriented. Caring for yourself, all those bubble baths, painting classes, girlfriend chats, and Netflix binges, are an important part of the process. But self support wins the gold medal in the Olympics that is self-guided success.

Self Support looks like planned and consistently executed meal prep in order to maintain fighting weight. Self Support looks like setting aside your kid's outfits for all five days of school on Sunday evening so they are more self sufficient and less reliant on you in an already time-crunched morning. Self Support looks like investing time and money in coaching, time management, and business classes so that you are on top of your game professionally just as you are personally.

When the day is done and the cookie has crumbled, you should be able to look yourself in the mirror satisfied in your progress, failures, and journey. Because it was YOU that supported your foundation. You are the one holding you up, bearing the weight of life.

Support yourself. Because, frankly, it's your job to.

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