5 Quick Fixes to Help You Live Big & Bold

2016-07-19 19.11.10

2016-07-19 19.11.10

We will keep this short and to the point. Like a reader's digest version of a really great TED talk that I have yet to be invited to give.

  1. STOP APOLOGIZING! Y'all. Honestly. Unless you have truly wronged someone, run into them full force, or murdered their cat, don't apologize for it. It takes away from your power and instantly puts them in control of the situation.

  2. PUSH YOURSELF. Find a way to achieve a goal daily and build on top of it. Start small, like washing-drying-folding-hanging a load of laundry in a single day. Before you know that, those small steps will contribute to a huge success.

  3. MAKE OTHERS HAPPY. Is there a better way to live big and bold than to help others achieve the same?

  4. BE EXACTLY YOU. With your friends. With your family. With your co-workers. With strangers. Don't adapt to your surroundings. Instead, make your presence known.

  5. SHOW COURAGE. Ask for what you want and be ready to accept it or walk away from it.

There are a million ways a person can live big and bold. And I would love to hear how you do it in your life. COMMENT below with your thoughts on the matter.

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