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Meet the #upwardalways Ladies

Maggie Kornahrens

Director of Marketing,

Co-Founder & CEO, #upwardalways


meredith cook

Development Director,
Conservation Voters of South Carolina

Co-Founder & COO, #upwardalways


Cindy Novotny

Radical Mentor,
Master Connections


Malia Griggs

Director of Social Media,
The Daily Beast

Lena Papadopoulos

Intercultural Educator, Consultant, and Facilitator

Christin Daubert

Health & Wellness Coach, Librarian, Artist

michelle waymire

Financial Advisor & Coach,
Young & Scrappy


Physical Therapist + Pelvic Health,
Benchmark Physical Therapy

erica wedding.jpg

Erica Roman

Warrior Widow


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Welcome to the #upwardalways community.

Though I started #upwardalways as a cry for help during an unfortunate divorce and a deep spiral into depression (#ItGetsBetter), it began to help those around me thus helping me in return. It was the first time the life-changing magic of this movement began to take effect.

Through the years it has evolved into something palpable and distinguished. And it continues to grow daily. Though we don't know what it is truly capable of, there is one thing it has always been and will continue to be: for you, for us, for every woman. 

-Maggie Kornahrens
Co-Founder & CEO, #upwardalways