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What Whole30 Taught Me About Food, Friendship, and Finance

I decided to kick off 2017 and the last month of my 28th year by doing the Whole30.  I had just spent a week in the mountains drinking beer, and I really felt like my diet had spiraled over the last few months. I didn’t feel great and I wanted to go into 29 feeling fabulous.

So, I bought the Whole30 cookbook, followed a bunch of people on Instagram, and looked up a ton of recipes that included potatoes, veggies, and meat. DELICIOUS. By the end of the month, I had learned so much more than how to make 3,546 recipes featuring coconut oil.

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The Grass Is Greener Where You Water It

We as humans have the tendency to covet what we don't have. It's in our DNA somehow. And if it isn't in our DNA, it is certainly a hideous learned behavior. This "grass is greener on the other side" notion is remarkably toxic. It ruins marriages, professional relationships, finances, families. Envy, or the reactions caused by envy, ranks up there with hurricanes, tsunamis, and wild fires as one of the most destructive forces of nature.

And like most natural disasters, you can't prevent the covetous feelings. But you can take steps to prepare for it.

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8 Reasons Why Every Woman Needs A Tribe

Reason 4 -They allow you to be your unadulterated 100% self. - You've got a freak flag every shade of the rainbow and your tribe will be there to laugh alongside you when you let it show. Your tribe embraces your weirdness and finds it endearing. It's within that safety net that you can feel most like yourself, unapologetically and freely.

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