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Meet Ashley: Two Year Fitness Journey to Reshape Her Body

What kicks off a life change? Is it motivation? Is it being fed up? Is it a promise to yourself? Ashely Walsh figured just how powerful a combination of all three could be. Two years ago, right round New Years, she said to herself “I’m going to actually do this. This will be the last year that my resolution will be to lose weight”. And that's exactly what she's done. On her own terms and in her own way, Ashley moved #upwardalways.

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#upwardfamily: Meal Prep for Beginners

There are a few things I take seriously in my family: bed times, boxed wine, and meal prep. It used to consume a huge amount of my time, finding recipes and building grocery lists week after week. Because like most mothers, I force myself to parent on expert mode meaning no meal could be repeated within a 30 day time frame. Rational, I know. But times have changed, and meal prep has become automated. And it's time you automate too.

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