Tuesday Podcast Roundup: Money Addition

Money Tuesday Podcast Roundup.png

Money is something I was raised not to talk about it. Not in the southern, “Nice people don’t talk about money, honey,” type of way. More of the “It makes us anxious as hell so let’s just pretend it doesn’t matter,” kind of way. 

When I was in high school and college, people told me I was “good with money” because I liked to work; but, I didn’t know what to do with it when I got it. When my student loan checks arrived each semester, I paid for classes, books, and a lot of pretty dresses.

Suddenly, I was 29, with a lot of pretty dresses, a lot of wonderful memories, but not a lot of savings, and no investments. I realized I needed to educate myself on personal finance.  I love audiobooks and podcasts so that’s where I started.  I could listen as I went on a run, or was driving to work, as I was cooking dinner. It was just what I needed to start this process and here are my favorites. I hope they get you started on your path!

Dave Ramsey – This was the basic introduction to personal finance I needed. It got me fired up and ready to take action. The Dave Ramsey plan does not work for me as a whole, but many aspects do – like using cash. I still use cash for my groceries, clothing, and going out. It helps me budget myself and stops me from treating everyone to tequila. While I don't agree with everything Dave Ramsey says and represents, I do appreciate the impact his money management advice had on my life.  

Jill on Money – I love Jill.  (Confession, I even called in once.) Her interviews are smart and no nonsense. They are focused on money, but inspire me at work as well.  Her show consists of long form interviews with leaders of industry, starting with their best financial decision and ending with their worst.  It tackles money from every side: career choices, life choices, investments, blindsides. 

Her Money – I didn’t realize how differently women need to approach money than men do.  I want to protect myself, my future self, and my family.  Jean Chatzky’s podcast focuses on women, women’s finance, and women in business.  Like Jill on Money, Jean’s interviews are smart and inspiring.  They won’t give you a “quick fix” to turn your finances around but it will give you the knowledge you need to keep you going on your journey and build a strong future.

What are you listening to? We always love to add a new podcast to the rotation. Share your favorites and let us know what you think of this podcast round up.


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