6 Reasons Your Appearance Matters in the Workplace and Why You Should Care

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Actions speak louder than words.

And the same goes for your personal appearance. Even in the world of business casual, there are limits to how casual you can get. Showing up to work in wrinkly pants, worn-out ballet flats, and a workout top (no, it does not count if it is branded) is completely and totally out of the realm of casual possibility. If you show up looking like you don't care about your personal appearance, how are your peers and team leaders supposed to know you care about your work, the project under deadline, your clients, or position? 

Showing up to work looking like you give a damn makes a difference.

Close your eyes with us for a second and envision a lineup of people against a neutral wall. One person is wearing dark denim and a sports coat. One person is wearing tight jeans and a tank top. One person is wearing black slacks and a blouse. Which one do you immediately imagine running the show? If you said the person in jeans and a tank, you're lying. And don't try to justify it with the whole "Steve Jobs wore a black turtleneck and black pants every day." You know his name because he ran Apple, not for his personal dress. So at this point, if you are putting as much in your wardrobe as Jobs did, you're more than likely to be known for your dress and not your innovative prowess.

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You've got one shot to make a first, good, lasting impression.

Judgment is passed and decisions are made within the first 30 seconds of meeting someone new.  If you have spent hours preparing for a job interview or a client pitch, why throw it all out the window because you don't look put together? There is something to note about being well kept; it indicates that you can pay attention to detail.

You'll Feel Better about yourself.

If you feel better, you will be more positive. If you are more positive, you will be nicer. If you are nicer, people will like you more. Need we say more?

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KEEP IT SIMPLE, classy, and clean.

So maybe you aren't ever going to be the best-dressed person in the boardroom. And you don't have to be. But you do have to make an effort. Find a place with a professional stylist to discover a couple styles of pants and a larger variety of tops that fit you appropriately. And then buy all of those items in black. And then buy more black. And some black shoes and some black accent pieces. And make All Black Ensembles your thing. 

Marie Claire ever taught us a couple of things in life, this wardrobe hack being one of them:

When I started wearing nothing but, people took me more seriously at my job. Maybe they took me more seriously because I took myself more seriously. I'm not sure which came first, but I know that wearing all black has revolutionized the way I work.

Steal Focus For All the Right Reasons

If you look like a slob, or are showing too much boob, or look like you are a contestant in America's Next Top Model, it is going to draw attention. That attention, positive or negative, is going to distract from your hard work. Keep it simple. Keep it classy.