#upwardfamily: Meal Prep for Beginners

Meal Prep for Beginners.png

There are a few things I take seriously in my family: bed times, boxed wine, and meal prep. In the beginning, it used to consume a huge amount of my time, finding recipes and building grocery lists week after week. Because like most mothers, I force myself to parent on expert mode meaning no meal could be repeated within a 30 day time frame. Rational, I know. But times have changed, and meal prep has become automated. And it's time you automate too.


Welcome to the world of eMeals. (PS This is not an endorsed post. If you do sign up using this link, I will get a month free. But honestly, I just truly believe in the life-changing magic of meal prep automation so sign up however you want.) Their whole schtick is "Discover the way smart families do dinner." And let me tell you, I feel like a genius every time a week of recipes pops into my inbox. 

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So if you are a meal-prep beginner or never heard of eMeals, let me walk you through this:

  1. Pick a meal plan. They have an option that satisfies every family's meal preferences. And I mean ev.er.y. They offer TWENTY ONE dinner options ranging from Budget to Vegan, Kid Friendly to Paleo. Then, just because they want to make your whole day easy, they also offer Breakfast, Lunch, Dessert, and Occasions meal plans. We flip flop back and forth between Budget, 30 Minute Meals, Clean Eating, Kid-Friendly, and Low Calorie. Because we can. They allow you to switch which meal plan you are on week by week without any sort of extra costs to fit your needs for that week. Flexibility is much appreciated once baseball season rolls around.

  2. Get your recipes. Get ready for a week's worth of recipe fact-finding time back because your recipes are brought to you via email and in app. Oh, get the app. Once all seven recipes drop, you can select all or just some of them to shop for. And thennnnn...


3. Get your grocery list. Per the recipes you selected, your whole grocery list is populated and divided by section in the store. All your produce is lumped in with produce, and frozen is with frozen, and paper towels are with toilet tissue, and life just gets better. Because not only is your list segmented by department, it's also available for purchase through Kroger, instacart, Walmart, and Amazon Fresh. So not only are the recipes delivered, BUT YOUR GROCERIES CAN BE TOO!

4. Cook it. That part is actually up to you. eMeals ain't Judy Jetson.

This is the part where we talk about cost. Because problem solving this simple is not free. But it's also not expensive. It's about $10 a month per meal plan and they bill you quarterly. But if you consider how much time you are saving NOT digging through the Pinterest coffers, it's worth it. 

Don't take my word for it. The video explains it all. But seriously, take my word for it. I have been a devout user for over two years and tell everyone and their mother about this program. All praise to meal prep automation!