Tuesday Podcast Roundup: Business Addition

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Inspiration comes from everywhere. Keeping your mind and soul open to new ideas is what started you on this creative journey to fulfill your dreams.

When you are focusing on making it through each day, getting food on the table, meeting deadlines, and running after the train to catch the caboose, you get tunnel vision and begin to block out other stimuli. #survivalmode. This is why we love podcasts. Where ever we are, be it in the car, the shower, or on the treadmill,  we can be a part of a conversation about something bigger than ourselves.  

Podcasts about business inspire in our professional life and personal lives. They kick our butts into gear during my commute to work, help us rethink the way we have been tackling certain challenges in our jobs, and give us the motivation to stay up and work on our #upwardalways goals. 

Below, as part of our second installment of the Tuesday Podcast Roundup, we have compiled a list of our favorite business focused podcasts. We hope they inspire you as much as they inspire us!

1) Glambition Radio - Do we want Ali Brown to be our best friend, mentor, and business soul sister? Yes, yes we do.  We think she is fabulous because she cuts through the bullshit. She has mastered the art of being kind and gracious while being honest and true to herself, her needs, and the needs of her family.  On Glambition Radio, her interviews are swift, while timed, and to the point.  

2) The Secrets of Wealthy Women -  This Wall Street Journal side gig features women who are at the top of their fields. This podcast is more produced than many of the others on this list, but the interviews reveal passionate, talented, ass kicking women.  One of our favorite recent episodes features Mitzi Purdue. Not only does she discuss her success as a business women, she shares the values on which her family was built and her influence as the matriarch. You better believe we will be implementing some of her strategies in our own families. 

3) Fierce Feminine Leadership - This is the newest podcast to our weekly lineup and WE LOVE IT.  Eleanor Beaton tackles women in business from all sides. Her episodes range from broad topics and theories to pin point, career specific segments. There is a library of hundreds of episodes that are informative, inspirational, and timeless.  

There you have it. 3 of our favorite business podcasts. What are you listening to? What inspires you? 

- #upwardalways, MC & MK

P.S. Do you prefer audio books? If so, what are you listening to? Would you like us to do an audio book round up in April! Let us know!



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