Tuesday Podcast Roundup: Foodie Edition

tuesday-podcast-roundup (1).png

We LOVE-LOVE-LOVE podcasts. What was life without them? There is a whole world of information, inspiration,  and incredible ideas out there waiting to be consumed during your morning walk, while you do the laundry, and on your commute to work.

We also love that they are accessible. Podcasts are free and are easily created by people who are passionate about their field. Woo! Down with barriers to success!

Today, we launch our first installment of our Tuesday podcast roundups. MC is hungry right now so we will focus on our foodie podcasts.

  1. Radio Cherry Bombe – This tops the list because IT IS THE BEST. If you love food, women, women empowering women, the environment, and striving for a more healthy, happy, and positive society in general, Radio Cherry Bombe is for you. Kerry Diamond interviews incredible women (and some men) who are changing the way the food industry works from innovative cooking techniques, to implementing fair wages, to bringing more women into the kitchen in leadership roles. Yes!
    (They also have a magazine that is printed on fabulous paper, features beautiful imagery, and phenomenal writing. Can you tell we are fans?!)

  2. Bon Appétit Foodcast – Bon Appétit’s adventure into the podcast world is delicious, inspired, and offers up great debates each week. Butter or olive oil? 1 to 1 ratio for rice or 2 to 1? IPAs or Stouts?! Super Bowl or the Oscars!? Editor in Chief Adam Rapoport hosts the weekly podcasts and interviews world famous chefs, writers, and restaurateurs. The BA crew takes over for deep dive segments and debates on cooking styles and recipes.

  3. EffinB Radio – The #upwardalways gals are South Carolina born and raised and we LOVE hearing a podcast featuring Charleston, a city we know and love! Hosted by 2 hilarious ladies, Lindsey Collins and Nikki Anhalt, and one dashing fella, Phil Cohen, EffinB Radio is a perfect combination of improv, food, and culture. Our favorite thing about this podcast is that we trust their recommendations and have been introduced to a ton of new restaurants and bars. Thanks, guys!

So, there you have it. Our top three foodie podcasts! Runners up include: The Splendid Table (but we really, really miss Lynne) and Spilled Milk (but we are getting our food related humor from EffinB these days).

What are your favorite food podcasts? We’d love to hear about what you’re listening to in the comments below – and on our social media!