5 Tips to Meal Prep Like a #BOSS



You've heard it a million times. Meal prepping is an incredible way to simplify your life and save you money; but, we gals at #upwardalways hope you will finally give it an earnest try.  It doesn't have to be a big, drawn out production, but it will make your life easier.

Here are a few tips to make it easy!

Think Big

When preparing to cook food for an entire week – you have got to think big. Whether you are cooking for one, like MC over here, or cooking for a whole family, buying in bulk and cooking in bulk makes all the sense in the world.

Keep it Simple

We beg you. Unless cutting PB&J sandwiches into the cutest creations since the bunny rabbit brings you overwhelming self-satisfaction and a sense of peaceful calm – DON’T DO IT!

The key to stress free meal prep is keeping it simple. MC makes one dish for her lunch M-F.  She keeps it simple and is happy knowing she is going to eat something yummy, healthy, and stress free each day.  Her weekly recipe: 6 chicken thighs + shit ton of veggies. Throw them on a pan with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and olive oil and good for 45 minutes at 400 degree. Wham bam, thank you  ma’am. We done.

We here at #upwardalways aren’t chefs. While we like to have fun in the kitchen, we know what lane we are in so here are a few badass ladies who have created incredible meal prep recipes for you:

The Natural Nurturer


eMealsThis is a subscription e-mail service that provides the recipes AND the grocery list. Please know, this is NOT a sponsored post. MK swears by eMeals every week and says that the grocery list coming with the recipe was a game changer. 

Find the Time

Meals don’t just prep themselves.  (We asked, they declined, what can we say?) You have got to plan ahead to carve out some time in your schedule and set yourself up for success.  Sunday is ideal, then you can have meals ready for the whole week. MC can’t get her shit together to make that happen most Sundays though. The sun is too warm! The friends are too fun! The mimosas are too delicious! So, Monday is her dine-out day, and her meal prep happens Monday night for Tuesday – Friday lunch. You know your schedule best – when suits for you?

Keep it Cute

DISCLAIMER: Having matching containers for your meals isn’t vital. We are going to say it again. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE MATCHING, NEW, PERFECT, INSTAGRAM APPROVED tupperware to meal prep. Do not let that be a barrier to you getting started.

Now that we have said that we also know that digging around in the bottomless lid drawer is stressful. We also know that schools do not have a refrigerator for our little babes to keep their lunches cool. Having a set of containers that bring you joy to use, that simply your life, and fit the practical side of things can make everything so much easier.  Again, we aren’t in the tupperware manufacturing business, but here are the ones we love:





You are on the way! You have carved out the time to make lunches and dinners for the week. You have embraced your crock pot, fallen in love with roasted vegetables, and learned that done is better than perfect. Don’t stop here.While you’re meal prepping for this week, what is stopping you from prepping for next week as well? Making a pot of chili? Make two! Batch cooking chicken breasts? Freeze a few for those “oh shit” moments that happen to us all like, every day.  The only thing better than a plan A is a plan B that gets you through.

There you have it. 5 simple, practical ways to get you started with your meal prep. Share your journey with us on social media, we'd love to hear from you!